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Take control

di Giuseppe Gario
  Unione Europea
Data di pubblicazione su web 08/09/2018  

For the EU to be in control of demographic aging and artificial intelligence is also an economic priority. In Austria it is the South Tyrolean-South Tyrolean citizenship of Germanic stock, multiple loyalty that traps Ireland and UK in Brexit and threatens Germany "after the decision of Mesut Özil , to leave the national team. "I will not play for Germany any more until I hear racism and disrespect," he had tweeted on July 22nd Three days later Ali Can , also of German nationality and Turkish origin, launched the hashtag #metwo referred to the two hearts - "to German and a Turkish" - that Mesut Özil claimed to have "in his chest" ». "The mass following gives this movement to particular importance"; such, "to say it with Spiegel , to seem" the beginning of something "» (Th. Wieder, Le mouvement #metwo r & eacute; v & egrave les les failles du mod & eacute; le d'int & eacute; gration , in «Le Monde», 1 August 2018, p.2 < / i> ).

I take control state does not aim to eliminate the problems, but who sets them. Austria us, Brexit the EU, Rajoy the Catalan independenceists, Visegr & aacute ; d the migrants, Orb & aacute; n even France. "" The Germans in particular must be careful, "he said to the German Bild . I reject this project We do not want the Union directed by France "". «According to the political analyst Szentp & eacute; teri Richard Nagy , "For some [Orb & aacute; n] aims to oversee the European Commission after the elections, even if I do not think he really believes it. minority: it has with it Italy, Poland, Croatia, Bavaria and partly Austria, I think that it uses the European electoral campaign to keep Hungary and cement its power "(B. Gauguelin, Orban d & eacute;, in «Le Monde», 31st July 2018, page 4).

We are reborn from two world wars and a genocide in the supranational solidarity of ECSC, MEC and EU. It is the Discours & agrave; la nation europ & eacute; enne by Julien Benda (1933): «Europe will not be the result of a simple economic or political transformation. First of all, it will have to implement an intellectual and moral revolution "(C. Obadia, Oser une affirmer identity & eacute; europ& eacute; enne commune , in «Le Monde», 12-13 August 2018, p. 23). The USSR imploded, however, solidarity was more eroded by the triumph of supranational neoliberalism of others for the expense of others, sheep to shear or goats to sacrifice in regressive state tax schemes. Only the EU, supranational, can make the reform "The Economist" puts on the cover on August 20, 2018: "It is time to bring into the 21st century".

More serious than the Great Depression, the 2008 crisis announces the implosion of "all power to the market", speculating on "the power to the state" on which the USSR has already imploded, today the Russian Federation which, like the USA, acts with a unilateral, rhapsodic and violent interventionism of robbery. It is the new despotism of Putin - Trump , in the variations of the state-market, that "The Economist" summarizes after the summit in July: "If nothing else, the summit showed the American problems no longer have roots in Russia and those Russians no longer have them in America. for Russia, the most serious threat is no longer from America but from its own president, who has undermined the rule of law and the security of His people. Something similar can now take place in America. As he said in a tweet Richard Haass , who chairs the Think Tank Council on Foreign Relations in Helsinki " America first looks more like Russia first than ever "» ( In the hall of Mirrors , 21 July 2018, p.19).

Against the EU "the new virulence comes from the dual attitude of Trump and John Bolton , with its acolytes neoconservatives, to vent & # 146; oscillating years between contempt for the supposed weakness of European (not wanting n & eacute; to know more & ugrave; to wage war) and hostility & agrave; for a potential rival. L & # 146;Trump administration then took off from the European disagreements on the migration problem and seeks to destabilize all the traditional parties. The new US ambassadors openly support the extreme right-wing populist formations in Italy, UK, Germany and Central Europe. In this assault Trump is not ; only". «Russia captures the & # 146; opportunity to weaken an economic rival and a political opponent. Putin sees the & # 146; opportunity & agrave; to relaunch its Eurasian space project. And more & ugrave; still take the revenge on a & # 146; EU that, after the & # 146;invasion of Crimea, has introduced sanctions against his country and support the government in Kiev against separatists in the Donbass "(F. G & eacute; r & eacute; , Assault g & eacute; n & eacute; ral contre l & # 146; Union europ & eacute; enne , in «Le Monde», 9 August 2018, page 21).

& Egrave; frontal collision. The sovereignty & agrave; it is based on money, which imposes its own order: joint venture staff between sovereign political managers and neoliberal business managers, experimented by Pinochet in Chile in 1973 with the coup, then imported from Reagan and Thatcher (O. Worth, Rethinking Hegemony , London, Palgrave, 2018 2 , page 92). It was the baptism of populism, "a central factor in the development of neoliberalism in the seventies and eighties. Perci & ograve; you can & ograve;& # 146; extreme right can be part of the neoliberal structure itself "(ibid, 157). European bridgeheads are «Italy, Poland, Croatia, Bavaria and partly Austria», with & # 146; Orb Hungary & aacute; n in the network of Putin-Trump despotism with political and institutional violence on citizens and harsh and pure violence on minorities, today of migrants, yesterday of Jews. All despots at home, but one more. . & Egrave; in our tribal tripe. In the post & ldquo; many enemies very much honor & rdquo; from Milano Marittima we march Matteo Salvini , with cynical attorney this time towards Mussolini , who first bowed ; to Hitler's racial policies, to his imperishable disgrace and to fascism.

& ldquo; First the Italians & rdquo; seems to translate & ldquo; Russia first & rdquo; - & ldquo; America first & rdquo; but, in the world in which they command the money, he has South American echoes. «Conflict crisis in the government bond market may explode in a completely unexpected way:& ugrave; uncontrollable". "The financial markets react like this; : suddenly, delayed and often exaggerated. Naturally because & eacute; a country may suffer from unpredictability & agrave; the markets must be heavily in debt, "writes Carlo Cottarelli , auditor of our public spending back to the International Monetary Fund ( The boulder because & eacute; public debt crushes us, and how do you get rid of it , Milan, IBS, 2018 2 , page 30). Multiple danger, such as loyalty &;national. "When public debt is exaggerated; high, we can create situations that economists call " & ldquo; multiple balance & rdquo; . Sometimes we also talk about self-fulfilling expectations ( self-fulfilling expectations ): if the markets fear that the debt is not sustainable, they get scared and the rates skyrocket (in the face of the risk of not being repaid) ) and the debt becomes effectively unsustainable. Yes it is; talked a lot about this possibility & agrave;in 2011-2012 when the financial markets seemed to have brought interest rates on Italian debt to levels that, only a few months earlier, were unimaginable and would have been impossible to sustain over time »(ibid, p59).

Only a few months ago it was unimaginable from the outflow & # 146; Italy of seventy two billion euros in two months. «The mistrust in our country is very important; at the levels of 2012 "(A. Barbera, Less than 38 billion.) The record flight of foreigners from Italian titles , in« La Stampa », 23 August 2018, page 8).a person, & egrave; a group of people, the result of decisions taken by millions of investors and traders, & egrave; silly talk about conspiracies "(B. Emmott, former editor of" The Economist ", in & # 146; interview with G. Colarusso No plot funds await maneuver Tria , in" the Republic », 14 July 2018, page 7). Neoliberal managers must remunerate shareholders, those who are sovereign and supporters. When their interests clash, if the neoliberals simply continue to make money, the sovranist remains only the political blackmail, source of barbarism (M. Tarquinio, Without shame , in «Avvenire», 5 August 2018, p. 1) and adventurism (C. Titus, The & ldquo; Agreement & rdquo; is frightening the markets and investors leave the & # 146; Italy , in "la Repubblica", 4 August 2018, p. 3). Born before, neoliberal managers rely early on sovereign managers who threaten creditors and guarantors. "The move that would trigger speculation? The clash with the & # 146; EU on pensions ", predicts Peter Cardillo , chief market economist of Spartan Securities, NY (G. Sarcina, The move that would trigger speculation? The clash with the & # 146; EU on pensions , in "Corriere della Sera", 4 August 2018, p. 1). The key is the relationship with the & # 146; EU, not pensions, and having many enemies & egrave; sure ruin, in a war without honor.

Cos & igrave; well, in the citizenship income the key is citizenship. In the thirty & # 146; glorious years of the Second World War, of engines & # 146;& # 146; innovation and recognition and & # 146; implementation of the rights of democratic citizenship: work, trade union protection, political representation. Our miracle was the spectacular leap in productivity . of millions of peasants who have migrated from south to north and from fields to towns and cities ; to work in the factory, protagonists of the political demand for citizenship and more ; fair distribution of wealth. L & # 146; Pence not & egrave; citizenship, & egrave; only mask of the neoliberist & ldquo; money helicopter & rdquo; of . The world overflows with money that for ideology and greed ; they do not reach citizens, subjects without rights. L & # 146; general purpose is to support the market with consumption, on terms and conditions ; that never occur because & eacute; Liberal managers do not give up money, and only the club remains to the sovereigns.

Against the supranational powers of the EU and the UN, their common enemy, in breweries, tweet and appear to mobilize populists manipulated on social networks with the data they give themselves to Facebook. This is confirmed by Mischa & euml; l Modrikamen , head of the Walloon People's Party d & # 146; extreme right and managing director of the populist campaign in the European elections of Bannon , former strategist of Trump: «Well aware of European reticence, he insists on & ograve; on the contribution of Bannon & ldquo; in the matter of data & rdquo; »(Ph. Bernard-J.-B. Chastand, The brands opposed &and de Bannon sur l & # 146; Europe , in «Le Monde», 21 August 2018, p. 2). The manipulation big data & egrave; the true novelty ; . Attacking the & # 146; EU and the international law Salvini does not solve any problem, but gains points in the group of Visegrad led by Orb & aacute; n, in a & # 146; EU where "prevails today the European Council - that is, the heads of state and government, who think the next vote" (A. Lavazza, & Egrave; gi & agrave; of elections Air: from most EU & ugrave; , in «Avvenire», 26 August 2018, p. 9).

Visegrad governments take money but not migrants from euro area governments, including us, who for & ograve; we make common cause with Visegrad. We want everything, teenagers in puberty crisis: & egrave; the profile big data of us Italians tracked by US sponsors. Shearing sheep and goats (banks) to sacrifice, with the & # 146; interface of a government inspired by Gianfranco Miglio ,ideologue of the League, which in «Il Giornale» «declared openly favorable to the & ldquo; maintenance of the mafia and of the & # 146; ndrangheta to the South & rdquo; , spelling out sibillinely: & ldquo; I do not want to reduce the South to the European model, it would be a & # 146; absurdit & agrave; . There is also a good cronyism, which can ; determine economic growth & rdquo; »(March 20, 1999). And again: "I did not minister to me because I wanted to do it ; I would have destroyed the republic "(J. de Saint Victor, nefarious Pacts , UTET, Milan, 2013, p. 336). That's all. Clientelism. Who would say, in the country of & # 146; ndrangheta, mafia, sacred united crown, capital mafia ...

Political laboratory for third parties, we have anticipated the social and Trump with the TV and Berlusconi (then the police station, in the EU). We captains of (mis) fortune, the blind leading the blind screaming to keep them close, because & eacute; let's look for the national policy in the wrong place, like the & # 146;& eacute; & egrave; pi & ugrave; easy. In the next European elections we are back in control, choosing the constituents of the & # 146; Democratic EU, the only (supranational) government able to recognize and implement citizenship rights in the supranational world, with states in smaller roles, as was already the case ; by city & agrave; and regions in the industrial world. Citizens in control of ourselves, beneficiaries and actors of democracy invest our political resources of trust and consensus in politicians who fight not everyone against everyone, but for all of us in the world . EU democratic and supportive, necessary moral and intellectual revolution. <"MsoNormal" style = "margin-bottom: 0.0001pt; line-height: normal;" > The migrants African-Middle Eastern fleeing civil conflicts become wars for international intervention. Here is why & eacute; & egrave; betrayal and crime every word, gesture, decision, act of violence and hatred multiplied by automata social , like the fifty thousand thrown at Raffaele Ariano for denouncing the racist phrase d & # 146; a conductor Trenord: «the vice-premier [Salvini] in the rallies and on twitter invokes & ldquo;»(Z. Dazzi, The mother of the passenger against anti-Roma conductor writes to Mattarella: from the Carroccio a lynching , in« la Repubblica », 13 August 2018, page 11).

& Egrave; indeed, it is probable that we Italians believe that it is up to us to decide whether to stay in the future. euro and in & # 146; EU. & Egrave; indeed it is certain that it is not ; cos & igrave; . It says the & # 146;Austrian offer of citizenship-lifebuoy in South Tyrol / South Tyrol with a Germanic stock; we do not have the axes of Brexit (three tax havens, atomic and special US relationship); and from Turkey the lyre, also in the name, tells us what happens when a stick government argues with one with the most stick ; big. Waiting for the relapse, sovereign stick: ten years ago "the central banks have blocked a heart attack with an emergency cure. But the patient is returned to old habits: smoking, drinking, unhealthy food. Pu & ograve; seem healed.  But the next attack can be ; to be even more ;and medical techniques ten years ago may not work a second time "( Ten Years On The Last Crash, and the Next , in" The Economist ", 4 August 2018, page 67). I know the money. But politics, which money has invented them, depends only on us.

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